This website, created by the UCLA Asian American Studies Center, features three important archives. The Korea Times English Edition (KTEE) articles are provided with the permission of The Korea Times. The KTEE journalists were led during that time by K.W. Lee who had founded and edited Koreatown Weekly (1979-82) and edited The Korea Times weekly English edition (1990-92). KoreAm Journal articles are publicly accessible and are linked to this website. It was a monthly print magazine featuring Korean American social commentary, news, lifestyle, politics and culture. Like The Korea Times English Edition, their archives represent a valuable telling of Sa I Gu from the perspective of Korean American writers and journalists.  KoreAm Journal ended its print issue in 2015 and relaunched as KORE MagazineAmerasia Journal, a leading academic journal in Asian American studies, published a series of articles, essays, commentaries, interviews and creative writings on Sa I Gu. We feature a selection of these as an open access volume.

In addition to these archives, we include multimedia and resource links on Sa I Gu for educational purposes. Discussions on issues of race relations, urban unrest and policing are often challenging and sensitive, so we also include resources for talking with students and youth about race and racism.


This website was made possible with the support of The Korea Times-Hankook Ilbo Endowed Chair Professor Jerry Kang (2010-2020). Professor Kang joined the UCLA School of law in 1995 and served as the inaugural Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversion and Inclusion from 2015-2020. In 2017, he led organizing efforts for a conference, “Sa-I-Gu: The Los Angeles Uprisings 25 Years Later–Witnessing the Past, Envisioning our Future.”

This website is also made possible with support from The Korea Times Chairman and Publisher Mr. Jae Min Chang who has made The Korea Times English Edition articles available to the public for educational purposes. We also acknowledge Hyungwon Kang, an accomplished photo journalist who shared his photographs for the gallery. The open access Amerasia Journal collection was created in collaboration with Taylor & Francis.

We also acknowledge the following individuals who contributed to the creation of this website:  Karen Umemoto, Melany De La Cruz-Viesca, Soo Mee Kim, Hyungwon Kang, Arnold Pan, Daniel H. Kim, Tom Nguyen, Vince Leus, Barbra Ramos, Russell Leong, Linh Vo, Lien-Joy Campbell, and Ashley Kim.